I'm a product designer from Boston. I'm passionate about building products to help us live better lives and do our best work. In the past, I've worked on medical devices, consumer experiences, and business products. Outside of work, you'll find me working out, preferably outdoors!

I've built SlidesUp to help event organizers plan their events. If you're planning an event for work, check out the platform here: slidesup.com


SlidesUp Logo
2014 – 2021Co-founder & Design Lead
Building a platform to help event organizers plan faster
SlidesUp ScreenshotSlidesUp Screenshot
Alere Consult Logo
Alere Consult
2013 – 2014Product Designer
Designing care plans to improve patient outcomes
Alere Consult ScreenshotAlere Consult Screenshot
Ram Trucks Towing Guide Logo
Ram Trucks Towing Guide
2012Designer + Researcher
Empowering truck buyers to make satisfying purchases
Ram Trucks Towing Guide ScreenshotRam Trucks Towing Guide Screenshot
X-ray Ventilator Synchronization Logo
X-ray Ventilator Synchronization
2010 – 2011Engineer
Reducing patient radiation exposure and speeding up the process for X-ray technicians
X-ray Ventilator Synchronization ScreenshotX-ray Ventilator Synchronization Screenshot
Surgical Navigation Tools Logo
Surgical Navigation Tools
Improving accuracy of sensors to enable minimally-invasive surgeries
Surgical Navigation Tools ScreenshotSurgical Navigation Tools Screenshot