I build products to help us live better lives and do our best work.

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    2014 – 2021


    What started as a side project to create better experiences at events turned into starting a company. Our goals were to help event organizers and bootstrap the company from customer growth. As with the case of most startups, I’ve worn many hats at SlidesUp besides design — including sales, marketing, and customer success.

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    2013 – 2014

    Alere Consult

    Coordinating care for patients with chronic conditions is difficult. Clinicians across many care settings use different software to help patients. And when that software doesn't talk to each other, people like primary care physicians, care coordinators, and telecoaching nurses are forced to spend lots of time entering redundant data, rather than spending time helping their patients.

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    Ram Trucks Towing Guide

    Having recently redesigned core elements of the Ram Trucks site, our team at SapientNitro looked for new opportunities to help. Analytics showed that the existing towing page was not performing well — 1M+ customers landed on that page each month, but most visitors bounced. Ram was the authority and #1 seller of trucks, but that wasn't translating online.

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    2010 – 2011

    X-ray Ventilator Synchronization

    Patients on ventilators receive excess radiation from their daily chest X-rays. And X-ray technicians have to manually capture good quality X-rays before an attending physician can do her morning rounds. For an average 12-patient room, the technician would spend over 3 hours to capture the optimal images.

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    GE Healthcare Surgical Navigation Tools

    Surgeries are challenging to perform, even with image guidance. Bulky camera attachments also mean that surgeons need larger incisions to get started. At GE Healthcare, we found a way to enable minimally-invasive cranial, ENT, and spinal surgeries. Using electromagnetic sensors rather than cameras, we could direct surgeons to the precise location they were trying to operate on and help preserve vital tissue. You can think of our system as "surgical GPS".